Lock - Look for the Red Diamond


Locks are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Using Travel Sentry® Approved locks allows your luggage to be unlocked and inspected by security authorities without damage.

Each lock has a special code, which is used by the TSA, CATSA and other security agencies to know which tool to use to open the lock.

Every security screening location at all US, Canadian and now many other international airports are able to open the lock and then relock it after inspection.


Did you know?

1. International treaties require that all luggage be security screened before being loaded on passenger airplanes.

2. Baggage security inspections often requires luggage to be opened to complete the inspection.

3. If your luggage is locked with Travel Sentry Approved locks the security officers can open it for inspection and relock it.

4. In the USA and some other countries if your luggage does not use a TSA accepted lock the security officers can and will break it open for inspection.

5. Luggage that uses Travel Sentry Approved TSA Locks can be inspected faster and not delayed to break open the locks.

6. You can use your Travel Sentry Approved locks and luggage anywhere in the world.

7. There are over 250 million Travel Sentry Approved locks and luggage in use today and that this number increases every second.

8. Locking your luggage protects your possessions from theft, tampering and misuse by smugglers.

9. Many models of luggage are designed to stay closed during handling ONLY if they are locked.

10. You lock your house. You lock your car. Why not LOCK YOUR LUGGAGE?


Use Travel Sentry® Approved
Laptop Bags

The TSA now allows travelers to leave laptops in carry-on bags which meet their design criteria for security screening.

The Travel Sentry® “Red Diamond” mark is already known worldwide for “security friendly” products.

Now the Red Diamond helps assure that the laptop bag you purchase is truly “checkpoint security friendly”. Each product using the mark has been tested by Travel Sentry, providing you with the assurance that this product meets the latest security guidelines for laptop bags.

It is important to remember that these bags will ONLY work as intended IF you follow the guidelines provided with the bag. The guidelines include a few simple but IMPORTANT rules:

  • Assure that NO other items (especially power supplies or cables) are packed in the bag with your laptop. Even small items like pens or “flash” drives or memory sticks must NOT be placed in the bag
  • Be sure that the laptop bag itself lays flat on the x-ray belt, with no other items on top or below it

If the above guidelines are carefully followed it is likely that your laptop can remain in the bag. However, individual screeners, at their own discretion, still have the option to require you to remove the laptop for screening. It is expected that if all the procedures are followed, this will be a rare occurrence.

So, make sure you look for the Red Diamond when choosing your laptop bag…..it gives you the added assurance that your bag meets all of the latest check point security requirements!